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For those clients who feel able to do their own bookkeeping, we have provided a simple method of recording all your income and expenditure. This is a facility provided purely for your convenience, and you do not have to use them if you prefer not to. Otherwise, simply fill in the form on a weekly basis - one form every week - and either send them directly to us as email attachments online, or print them off and send them by post. You may send them to us on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis at your convenience.

Please note that we specialise in online accounting systems like Sage, Clearly Bookkeeping and Quicken, so you need not feel obliged to do any of the above as we can complete the whole process on your behalf.


In order to complete your set of accounts we need certain items of documentation. Please note that for VAT registered clients (those with an annual turnover of more than £60,000) we require these on a quarterly basis, for others an annual submission is sufficient. In any case, a member of our staff will contact you when your return is due, so there's no need to panic! We require:

VAT Returns
Sales Invoices
Bank Statements
Purchase Invoices
Details of any Direct Debits & Standing Orders
Cheque details (stubs)
Weekly Bookkeeping Sheets
Example - Sole Trader
The following is a typical (though fictitious) record of weekly income and expenditure laid out on an Excel Spreadsheet, which we have provided:

Bookkeeping System Sheet - Sole Trader
To download - CLICK HERE

Explanatory Notes
These notes are to give you some idea of the kinds of things that you might include in your weekly return. Those items that do not apply should be left blank.
20. Wages
A sole trader may employ others, or may need to employ other workers on a temporary basis and therefore pay wages.

21. Subcontractors
Payments/Wages paid for work that is contracted out to other sources/companies.

22. Travel & Subsistence
This include bus, taxi, train and air fares a well as the cost of staying/working away (hotels, guest houses etc) if not refunded.

23. Motor Expenses
Includes all petrol, servicing, insurance AA, RAC memberships, parking, cleaning etc...

24. Insurance
This includes business insurance, third party liability insurance, etc...

25. Rent
Rent on business premises, (eg, workshop, office, storage facility, garage, etc). Domestic Rent is not included in this category.

26. Rates
On business premises (as above) and including Water rates.

27. Heat & Light
The cost of these utilities for the business premises.

28. Telephone
The cost of the telephone bill - we will make a proportional calculation as to how much of it is personal and how much work-related/business. Include Mobile Phones.

29. Computer Costs
Running costs such as Internet connection cost, online chargers, etc... excluding entered under PPSA (below).

30. Accountancy
The costs you pay to us.

31. Loan/Lease Repayments
These might include loans, car hire/purchase, etc...

32. PPSA - Postage, Printing, Stationery & Advertising
This is self-explanatory and includes any costs covered by the above.

33. Cleaning
Cost of cleaning business premises.

34. Materials
Any materials purchased in order to carry out your business services. As examples, a builder might include cost of mortar, sand, building materials, etc, and an office might include computer disks, software and hardware, etc.

35. Subscriptions
These might include such things as subscriptions to professional/trade bodies and associations, professional publications, etc...

36. Other
Items not covered by any other category. The examples shown might give you some idea.

Example - Retail Company
The following is a typical (though fictitious) accounts of weekly income and expenditure laid out on an Excel Spreadsheet, which we have provided:

Bookkeeping System Sheet - Retail Companies
To download - CLICK HERE

Additional Information

Legitimate Claims
The Weekly Returns should only include legitimate business expenses, and NOT all outgoings of a personal nature - but, if in doubt, please include. We do, however, reserve the right to exclude those items which we feel are unjustified business expenses.

Monthly & Annual Costs
Many of your costs may occur monthly or annually - in these cases, simply enter the full amount in the week they are received/paid.

Invoices & Receipts
Please supply any relevant invoices, receipts and statements to support your Return.

Working from Home
Please do not enter a specific cost for the use of residence - we will make an entry on an annual basis under the category "Use of Home as Office" on your behalf.

Telephone 0207 1 934261 if you wish to arrange an appointment to speak with one of our specialists, or email Allan Meacher (Accounts), Susan Jones (Tax), Anne Kelly (Payroll), or Julia Rayner (VAT) Roger Farrel Business startups.

For other more general enquiries either telephone 0207 1 934261, or email General Enquiries.


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